Thick smoke from Canal Road fire over Seabee Base this morning

This morning you could see heavy smoke over the west side of the Seabee Base in Gulfport.

Residents on the base were advised to shelter in place or they could move to the east side of the base due to the thick smoke from the Canal Road fire.

News 25 was told the base was never in immediate danger from the fire and the thick smoke began to lift as the sun rose.

The chapel on the Seabee Base was also opened for refuge and as a way for people to get clean, fresh air.

Residents were also advised to turn off HVAC systems, stuff towels and blankets under doors and windows as a way to block smoke from entering their homes. Brian Lamar with the Seabee Base said, “The safety of our people and protecting our people is always the foremost goal in mind, especially in the emergency management side of life. The staff here is working very hard to make sure not only is everyone safe, but we can keep everyone informed so we can have some peace of mind. Just try to keep down on rumors and try to keep down on panic.”

To stay updated with the Seabee Base you can go to their Facebook page by searching Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport.

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