The Mississippi Roller Girls Find a New Home

The Mississippi Roller Girls are back on the Coast.
Last year, they were booted from their home venue at the Harrison County Skate Park. Now they return to their new home in Gautier at the Duo Dance Center.
The Roller Girls will play at home on Saturday, July 25th against the Cajun Roller Girls from southeast Louisiana. Now that the girls have a place to call home, they say the biggest task is trying to build their fan base back to where it was when they played in Biloxi.
Kristie Flite, a Mississippi Roller Girl, said, “We were super excited about finding a new place to finally have our own games. The first game that we actually had here, I think most of us cried because it was just that awesome to finally have a place again. Now, it’s just a matter of building our fan base back up because it is 30 minutes further from where we used to play.”
Admission to July 25th’s game is $12 at the door and is free for kids under 10 years old. Proceeds will go towards the Pink Heart Fund, a non-profit charity that provides wigs for children and adults with hair loss disorders.

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