The Last Supper Play at St. Alphonsus Catholic School

Today fourth and sixth graders at St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Ocean Springs broke bread to celebrate the second graders first Holy Communion tomorrow.
Students and faculty gathered to watch the boy’s reenact The Last Supper. The participants worked on their lines for two weeks and hoped the younger ones appreciated their hard work.
Both the boys in the play and the teachers wanted the second graders to grasp how special their communion is and hope they brought that message across in their performance. Father Michael Snyder said, “We want them to really connect with holy mass and Holy Communion, the gospel readings and passages where Jesus sat there with his first apostles, his bishops and he instituted the Holy Communion and the Eucharist.”
Caston Mestayer and Cole Reeves are both participants in the play. “How we have the host and the blood of Jesus,” said Caston. “Yeah, how it was a very serious time and a very important time. That was their last time with Jesus and it was a very big and important time and I think it’s very good for them to learn that,” said Cole.
The school performs this play for the students every year.

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