The Jackson County NAACP Calls for New State Flag

The Jackson County NAACP thinks taking the Confederate symbolism out of the Mississippi state flag is long overdue.
Moss Point NAACP President Curley Clark says the Confederate Flag symbolizes slavery and hatred. He encourages state legislators to find a different symbol to add to our flag that can unite Mississippi as a whole. The NAACP applauds South Carolina State Legislature for voting to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from public space and Capitol grounds.
“It’s time for us to stop being the last in every situation, every economic indicator, and every social indicator. It’s time for us to be more progressive, and I like to see our state leaders, our legislature, and our governor to be more progressive and take the bold position that it’s time for a change. It’s time to try to unify us all,” said Clark.
While the NAACP doesn’t see the Confederate symbolism fit for our state flag, neither does the NCAA. The NCAA will not allow any post season games to be held in Mississippi as long as the Confederate Flag flies at our state Capitol.

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