The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Works Together to Take Care of the Gulf of

For thousands of years, human civilizations have thrived near water sources.
Hundreds of years after the French first settled in South Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico is still vitally important to our economy. Groups from the five Gulf States are working to make it even better.
The Gulf Coast is an important part of our economy, our eco-system, and our livelihood. It’s weathered hurricanes and hard times and has always bounced back. Each time, we learn a little more about how to protect our eco-system and, in turn, our economy.
Laura Bowie, executive director for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, said, “What we have learned is healthy resources are what the coastal economy is based on. So, we have got to focus on those basic ecological issues that will affect the health of our natural resources.”
The Gulf of Mexico Alliance was formed 11 years ago to bring hundreds of scientists together to increase efficiency and focus on key issues facing the Gulf.
Phillip Hinesley, coastal section chief at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said, “ It’s all about bringing some people together from all the private sectors, public sectors, federal government- it’s bringing people together to work towards a common goal: to improve the economy and health of the Gulf of Mexico.”
These reps from all five states are here pooling their own resources with one common goal: doing good for the Gulf.
“We get a lot more done together, when we all pull in one direction improving those ecological resources than we ever do working together,” said Bowie.
The Alliance is divided into sections during the conference, to focus closely on one of the various issues facing the Gulf at a time, such as improving water quality or increasing coastal resilience.

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