The dough still rising at Tatonut in Ocean Springs

The sweet smell of Tatonut donuts fills the air on Government Street in Ocean Springs. The donut shop has recently reopened.

As the sun rises in Ocean Springs, so does the dough at Tatonut. The shop reopened two weeks ago after being closed for over five months after the owner, David Mohler, passed away in January.

It’s now being managed by his daughter, Katelyn. For her, taking over the family business is a role she’s practically been preparing for her whole life. “I got started basically when I was born. I’ve probably been in this building longer than my actual house.”

The recipes are the same, but the shop itself is a little different. It’s been remodeled to have a more modern appearance with plenty of photos paying tribute to David Mohler.

Katelyn is extremely grateful for the community and their patience during these difficult times for her and her family. “It’s been really crazy. The support is unreal. The line doesn’t stop. People are like when does the line break and I’m like that really doesn’t happen. It’s a blessing. It’s amazing to see the turnout. I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

Everyday since they’ve been open there has been a wait. The wait time is averaging anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, but for many it’s worth it if it means they’ll be able to take a bite of ‘the only real donut.’ Biloxi resident Michael Wetzler said, “We love these donuts. I’ll drive all the way out here again and stand outside for them. I’m originally from California and I’ve not seen donuts made the way these are made. It’s just so different. It comes out in the taste. It’s obvious in the line, there’s always a line.”

One Ocean Springs resident said, “No matter the line. No matter how short or long it is, we’re going to wait.”

Kayla Pew is visiting from Texas. She said, “It just brings a lot of community to it and a lot of people love it and you know it. I mean, look, the line is out the store.”

“When I pulled up the other morning at 4 and there was people already and that’s a true customer,” said Katelyn. “People love Tatonut and it’s great to be a part of that.”

The Tatonut Shop opens t 5:30 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday and closes when the donuts runout which, depending on the day, can be anywhere from 11 to 1.

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