The day after Nate

Hurricane Nate hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast over the weekend as a category one hurricane, making landfall twice before heading inland.
It was the first time since Katrina that a hurricane has made landfall in the state of Mississippi and the fourth hurricane to hit the US.. mainland in the last six weeks.
Although high winds and storm surge took their toll, the damage wasn’t as bad as expected and no injuries have been reported.
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and his team spoke to the media Sunday morning.”A hurricane came ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and we have been able to manage it.”
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Director Lee Smithson said, “We did not dodge a bullet in Mississippi, we got hit head on at night by a category 1 storm. If that same storm, if Nate would have hit us 15 years ago, the damage would have been much more extensive, we would have had loss of life. But we have rebuilt the coast in the aftermath of Katrina, higher and stronger and our people are a lot smarter now, wiser, and more prepared than we’ve ever been for a catastrophic event.”
Nate has now been downgraded to a post tropical cyclone and is making its way through the Midwest.

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