Texting and Driving Law to Take Effect July 1st

Less than 48 hours from now, if you text and drive, it will cost you.
A new texting and driving law goes into place July 1st. Texting and driving is something we have become very familiar with in today’s society.
Mississippi decided to take the extra step in protecting the safety of those on the road by creating a new law against texting and driving.
Highway Patrol Cpl. Benjamin Siebert said, “Our job as troopers is lower fatalities, that’s all we want to do is, we want people to be safe and we want to stop working these fatal car accidents.”
This law becomes effective this coming Wednesday and includes a $25 fine for reading, typing or sending a message while driving. Even though the fine is $25, if you have a civil judgment entered against you, the total comes out to $58.50. July 1st, 2016, that fine for texting and driving jumps to $100.
Harrison County Justice Court Clerk Greg Illich said, “They can either pay it at the time they appear in court, or they can ask for a hearing and then we’ll get the officer here along with the judge and then we’ll decide if they are guilty of texting.”
Texting is just one method of distracting driving but alone it endangers the driver, any passengers in the car and everyone on the road.
Cpl. Siebert’s message, just leave the phone down, it can wait: “It’s not worth it. That one text message can be the one that kills you.”

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