Teacher training for computer science

South Mississippi teachers are undergoing some training this summer in order to bring computer science into classrooms.
The Mississippi Department of Education rolled out the Computer Science for Mississippi Initiative in elementary and high schools last year. Now, the program is expanding to include middle school students and has brought together 30 teachers in Harrison County to learn how to implement the program in their classrooms.
This week they will learn hands on activities that deal with problem solving by sorting cards that help them learn about algorithms. Project Manager Shelly Hollis said, “Computer science is the one area of STEM where there are more job openings than there are people to fill them. So, we’re really focusing on trying to get computer science skills into our schools for students. In a couple years there’s going to be about a million open jobs in computer science across the country so it gives our students the ability to be ready to fill those jobs.”
There is also a two day training session for new elementary teachers that focus on computer science skills like coding, digital literacy, keyboarding, and robotics.

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