Teacher pay raise dies in legislature

Educators across the Coast are reacting after a proposed pay raise for state teachers died in the legislature yesterday.

The Senate passed a bill in February to give most teachers a $1,000 pay raise and a larger raise for newer teachers during the budget year that begins July 1st.

However, as a result of budget concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic, the bill died in the House following a Tuesday deadline for House Committees to act on it.

Bay High teacher and Coach Jeremy Turcotte hopes this issue is addressed again for the sake of the younger teachers and those interested in entering the profession. “I’ve got some young guys that I work with every day that are just getting started, and I want them to be able to stay in Mississippi and raise a family and make ends meet and have a good long life as everybody wants. I’ve got some young men that I work with every day as my players, and I want them to possibly be coaches and affect young men in the future, like I like to do.”

Turcotte says he and other teachers received a raise a couple of years ago and is hopeful there will be another one in the future.

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