Tax Season 2018 begins today

Today marks the official start of tax season for 2018.
While the deadline to file your taxes is only a day earlier than last year, the IRS recommends filing sooner rather than later due to today’s start date being later than usual.
After submitting your returns, the IRS anticipates 90 percent will be refunded within 21 days.
News 25 spoke with a certified financial planner in Gulfport who gives us some tips on filing early. Kevin Milligan with Strojny Financial Services said, “The main thing you want to start with is making sure you’ve got everything that’s come in because it’s so early on in tax season and a lot of people will come in and get their taxes prepared. Even if you think you’re gonna owe come in early because then you know and you can save if you need to save some money.”
The deadline to file your taxes this year is April 17th.

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