Tax-forfeited land auction begins tomorrow in Hancock County

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson was in Bay St. Louis this afternoon to discuss an event taking place over the next month in Hancock County.

Watson joined Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre today to announce the tax-forfeited land auction taking place in the county beginning tomorrow at 8 a.m. and running through June 2nd.

Mississippians and local residents will have the chance to bid on over 300 parcels of forfeited lands worth just over $3 million.

Both Mayor Favre and Secretary Watson say this is a good opportunity to get land at an affordable price and help continue the growth of Hancock County. Mayor Favre said, “It’s just an opportunity to put it back on the tax rolls and all, and with that being said, there’s a lot of money out there that can be recouped and all, lot of building going on in our county as it is.”

Secretary Watson said, “What we try to do is build these auctions in different parts of the state, different counties, to make sure that we’re returning these pieces of land back to the tax rolls, so the local economy can benefit, local government obviously is funded, schools and the mayor’s office, you name it.”

More information on these properties can be found at the Secretary of State’s website or by calling the public lands division at 601-359-5156.

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