Tate Reeves on the Coast

Lieutenant Governor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves is blazing the campaign trail just a week before voters head to the polls to cast their ballot.

While on the Gulf Coast today, Reeves spoke about several issues that hit close to home for residents.

Education, the impacts of the Bonnet Carre Spillway, and money allocated for the Coast from the B.P. Oil Spill Settlement continue to be hot topics on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “We need a fighter in the office of governor. We need someone who will go to Washington, will stay in Jackson and fight for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. On the B.P. settlement I proved, whether it’s politically popular or not, I will stand up and do what’s right for the people of the Gulf Coast.”

Ahead of voters casting their ballots for the next governor of Mississippi, Reeves made his way to the Coast to address some of those hard hitting issues. “The opening of the Bonnet Carre historically has happened once every five or six years. This year it happened two times within a matter of four or five months. Our economy was hurt from that. We’ve got to work hard to ensure that we get resources to those individuals as soon and as quickly as possible.”

The B.P. Oil Spill was another environmental disaster where Reeves says he and his team worked tirelessly to allocate the most funds to the most impacted area of Mississippi and that’s the Gulf Coast. “I spent many, many days and hours on the Gulf Coast doing town hall meetings. We did one in Hancock County, Harrison County, and we did one in Jackson County. It took us three years to get the vast majority of the money to the Coast.”

Reeves says one of the most important accomplishments of the state is the strides in education. Mississippi ranks number one in the nation for score gains on National Assessment of Education progress or NAEP. “Earlier today there was some NAEP testing results that came out for our K-12 institutions and the results were incredible. Those results were miraculous. The reality is Mississippi was the only state in the nation that saw significant gains.”

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “We don’t have to build relationships. We already have a good working relationship with him. So, moving forward he’s going to listen. He’s already up to speed on a lot of it. So if we call he’ll be there to take the call and listen and that means a lot as opposed to having to start from scratch with somebody who may need to be brought up to speed.”

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