Taking care of business as new stores open at the Edgewater Mall

While COVID has hit a number of businesses hard and even shut some down, others have found new opportunities.

Business is going strong at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi. In fact, General Manager Terry Powell says some retailers have had their strongest sales in history this past year after reopening due to COVID.

Several stores have also opened recently at the Biloxi mall and so far, so good. “Hopefully, in the next two or three weeks, we should have a big announcement. We have a couple of new stores open. A new salon just opened up in the old Master Cuts position. We also have a children’s store that just opened up over on the Belk hallway, where the carousel used to be, on that side. Those are both very exciting happenings going on. We look for some new things coming in the New Year.”

A number of stores at Edgewater Mall currently have sales going on. Dillard’s will have a major sale on New Year’s Day and will open early.

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