TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: Sled Dogs Run Through Melting Ice Sheet

Check out this photo taken in Northwest Greenland last week. You can see the dogs wading ankle-deep,  through a melting ice sheet. But as beautiful as this photo is, the man who took it says, “This is a big problem.”


Steffen Olsen, a scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute, was on a routine mission to pick up oceanographic and weather monitoring tools that were put on the ice. But with water covering the normally Flat White Sea ice, he couldn’t see them.

It’s early for what’s called “melt season” in Greenland, in line with scientists’ prediction that it’s going to be a record year for melting on the ice sheet.

Scientists say, if these extreme melt seasons become the new norm, It could cause a ripple effect around the world, especially for sea level rise.

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