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Autopsies Ordered in Double Killing in Gulfport Fugitive Standoff In Texas

Autopsies have been ordered on the two men, including Gulfport fugitive, Roderick Bowers, who were killed in a standoff at an apartment complex in...

Manhunt for Gulfport fugitive ends

An apartment complex on lock down overnight in Texas as Texas law enforcement worked to close in on Gulfport fugitive Roderick Bowers around midnight. This...

Gabby Easterwood with Live Updates on Gulfport Fugitive Stand Off and Death in Texas

News 25 Today's Gabby Easterwood provides live updates in WXXV News morning shows as information continues to develop in the overnight death of a...

Gulfport Fugitive One of Two Men Dead After Stand Off at Texas Apartment Complex

Wanted for murder, considered armed and dangerous, and an entire apartment complex and neighborhood on lock down overnight as Texas law enforcement worked to...

Update on deadly shooting in Gulfport

The search continues tonight for the man possibly responsible for a deadly shooting in Gulfport Sunday morning. Fifty-two year-old Roderick Bowers is believed to have...

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