Firefighters Remove a Troubled Man From his home

Firefighters remove a troubled man from his home and try to contain a raging fire with the added threat of propane tanks nearby. This was the scene just off road 248 this morning.

Attacks on Police

The recent spike in police attacks has officers on the force concerned about their safety even more.

Staying Safe When Tragedy Strikes

While the tragedy unfolded in neighboring Louisiana, local law enforcement tells News 25 how you react in a situation like this can mean the difference between life and death.

Bold Verizon theft

D’Iberville Police are looking for the suspects in a bold and unusual robbery that took place at the Verizon store on Promade Parkway.

Police Body Cams Already in Use in Biloxi

While more police departments across the country are moving toward the use of body cameras, the Biloxi Police Department has been using recording devices for three years now.