Civilian Gun Class

If you recently purchased a firearm or want to brush up on safety tips, the Gulfport Police Department has an option for you.

The department offers a civilian gun class where participants learn gun safety, how to properly handle a firearm, and the different parts to the weapon.
The first day of the class will be February 8th where classroom instruction on initial handgun safety will take place.
The second class which is held February 9th is more hands on where participants head to the range.
It is vital to know how to use your gun in order to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

“We’ve seen stories across the nation where people have left firearms unattended or weren’t sure about how to clean them or how to properly handle them and you’ll have an accidental discharge and you’ve had children that were injured, you’ve had loved ones that were injured because these firearms weren’t maintained because the owner didn’t know how to properly take care of them.”
– Sgt. Josh Bromen Gulfport Police Department

Participants must bring their own firearm and spots are limited for the civilian gun class.
The cutoff date to sign up is this Monday at 5 pm.
There is a 25 dollar fee for the class.
You can call the community relations department at 228-868-5703.

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