Hancock County School District closes two more schools

Hancock County School District announced over the weekend that two more schools in the district will be closing. East Hancock Elementary and Hancock Middle schools will be closed for 14 days due to a COVID outbreak. This comes after closing…

COVID-19 outbreaks in 31 Mississippi schools

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said yesterday there were 31 COVID-19 outbreaks at Mississippi schools during the week of August 17th through the 21st. According to Dobbs, 142 teachers tested positive for the virus and 292 students tested positive…

New Ebola Precautions May be Taken at Airports

The U.S. is deploying 3,600 troops to build hospitals and train health workers in Liberia and President Obama is now considering additional precautions at airports, the main entryway for Ebola into the U.S.