mostly sunny

Ryan's "Warmer" Wednesday Night Forecast

Cooling trend ended this afternoon, and now we're beginning a 24 hour warming trend before our next quick cool-down. Click here for the full forecast.

Ryan's "Dense Fog" Friday Night Forecast

As expected, dense fog advisories have now been issued for all coastal counties and surrounding waters so get ready for another night of low visibility. Click the forecast link for more information.

04/18 Ryan's "Mostly Sunny" Monday Afternoon Forecast

So far the forecast from last weekend has held up well. We continue to see gradually warmer and more humid conditions, but now the clouds will begin clearing, leading to a few sunny and dry days. Forecast details inside.

11/18 Ryan's "Spring-Like" Friday Afternoon Forecast

Today was the last time we'll see warm and humid conditions until the middle of next week. No change yet, but things change rapidly later tonight. Check back here at 11 pm and/or catch our 9 PM show on FOX or 10 PM on NBC for updates.