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Only 10, and Going Strong! Meet This Week’s Hometown Hero: Millie Brignone

What were you doing at 10 years old? Well, one Bay Area 4th grader is doing a whole lot, and she's on a mission...

Tune In Friday Morning and Meet This Week’s Hometown Hero

Every shelter dog has a story, but he or she is not always heard. That's why tomorrow's featured hometown hero is taking every step...

Lindsey Goodwin With This Week’s Hometown Hero: A Furry, Friendly Helper

They say petting an animal can help relieve stress, so what happens when our four-legged friends are brought into the workplace? Well, studies say the...

Hometown Hero Preview: A Four-legged Hero in Training

This four-legged hero is training to bring peace and hope to local first responders.

Hometown Hero takes flight

Saturday, the Thunder over the Sound will take the skies of Biloxi for the start of a weekend long spectacular show. Today, one hometown...

Hometown hero takes flight

Today, one hometown hero on the Coast is getting the chance to go up in flight with the Thunderbirds. News 25’s Gabby Easterwood has more.

Hometown hero to fly high

It’s not every day you get the chance to fly in a military plane, but for one Biloxi educator he’s been given the chance...

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