Hometown Hero: Turning Point Life Recovery Founder Marc Calvert

One man began a faith-based rehabilitation program to help residents of Stone County improve their life in a new way.

Due to this, he has become not only a leader to dozens of people, but a friend many can count on. That is why Marc Calvert is this month’s Hometown Hero.

When it comes to serving others in your community, Perkinston’s Marc Calvert has made it his life mission to do just that through God and faith.

After fighting through a dark time in his life, Calvert decided that he wanted to help others go through similar battles by starting the Turning Point’s Life Recovery Groups for addicts in Stone County and Bay St. Louis on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

He even hosts group meetings for family members of recovering addicts to give them the support they need as well. “I feel like if you make it out and you make it to the other side, it’s kind of our obligation to go back into the dark and shine that light for others to find their way out.”

Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous and other addiction recovery groups, Turning Point uses a twelve-step program to help guide former addicts to recovery.

However, the Turning Point groups use the Life Recovery Bible which features 12 steps on scripture.

Each month for the past eight months, the groups focus on one of the 12 steps to help guide them through discussion. “The Life Recovery Bible that I teach out of absolutely changed my life. It redirected my life and I just wanted to bring what I had learned to as many people as I can.”

In total, the groups serve about 80 people with about 35 people attending each meeting. When talking with the several of the members about Calvert, they say he is not only a leader, but a friend who created a support group focused on care and faith. Attendee April McGee said, “I’ve never wanted to go to a recovery meeting in my life. I’ve never been excited to go to one. I actually enjoy going to this meeting. It is like walking into a family.”

Attendee Derrick Eggebrecht said, “The resources that he has provided, just the accountability and the personal level that he puts in to each relationship, not just mine, but everybody is outstanding. It’s over the top.”

Calvert says while he appreciates the love given to him the true reward is his, being able to care for the people who need help the most. “It’s humbling. I’m thankful for them. I think that they don’t realize that they do way more for me than I’ll ever do for them.”

To learn more about the Turning Points program and what it has to offer, call 601-431-4663 or email liferecoveryturningpoints@gmail.com.

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