Hometown Heroes: Airman Attic’s Manager Judy Coleman

A former nurse made a move from Louisiana to the Mississippi Coast and decided she wanted to help her new community in a different way.

Today, she is the manager of the nonprofit organization Airman’s Attic which has served the Keesler community for years.

That’s why Judy Coleman is this month’s Hometown Hero.

Being married to an Army veteran, Judy Coleman has always been an advocate of giving back to those who serve her country.

After moving to the Mississippi Coast from Kentwood, Louisiana in 2019, Coleman came across Keesler Air Force Base’s nonprofit Airman’s Attic and decided to volunteer.

Today, she is the current manager of the nonprofit and has transformed it into what it is today. “Well, my background is in former medical as an operating room nurse, so I thought, well, this would give me a great opportunity to continue to help people.”

Airman’s Attic is located on the airbase and provides supplies, food, casual clothes, military uniforms, furniture and so much more to active military members of all ranks and branches and their dependents for no charge.

Before Coleman arrived, Airman’s Attic was running slow with only a few volunteers to help. Now, the nonprofit is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with about 15 volunteers regularly helping out. “I don’t even know if I have the words to explain how heartwarming it is for me to do this the days that I come in and do this. It’s tremendous. We have so many stories, so many heartwarming stories about our customers and what we do and how we are able to help them and their families and to take that home every day is just beyond what I could ask for.”

One of the attic’s volunteers Corina Allgood says it was an easy choice to work under Coleman who she says has inspired her throughout her time at the nonprofit. “Like when I grow up, I want to be Judy. She is so loving, so caring. She does everything here for the Keesler community, for the community on the Gulf Coast.”

After spending the past few years serving Keesler’s community, Coleman says the experience has been unmatched and says the opportunity to help those in service has been a blessing to her. “The little things mean the big things. You know, they’re just… you just explode with pride. You just explode with happiness, and you know just greatness is how I feel every day that I leave here.”

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