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Job Corps Center Graduation

Sixty students are now graduates of the Gulfport Job Corps Center. These graduates completed a skill and or obtained a GED or high school diploma...

Law Enforcement Academy Graduation

Harrison County welcomed 27 new law enforcement officers today during a graduation ceremony. The men and women stood together after completing their 11 weeks...

Ingalls Class of 2016

Fifty-two individuals officially have what it takes to join the very best of Ingalls Shipbuilding. Ingalls 2016 Apprenticeship Program’s graduating class is preparing to walk...

Youth Program Graduation

Today, a dozen members of Gulfport’s youth community took a big step towards a brighter future. The International Relief and Development Youth Build program’s inaugural...

Climb CDC Students Graduate

It may have been a long way to the top for this graduating class, but students say it was worth the climb. The class of...

Graduates Overcome Drug Problems

Over 30 men and women on our Gulf Coast are celebrating sobriety today after graduating from the Second Circuit Drug Court. A packed auditorium full...

Gautier High Seniors Break Record

The senior class at Gautier High is breaking a school record. Together, the graduating class was awarded more than $10.5 million in scholarship money....

Biloxi High School’s Very First Senior Walk

Biloxi High School seniors are making history by revisiting their old grounds. In the very first Senior Walk, BHS seniors went to elementary schools...

Eight Locals Graduate from 19th Circuit Court Drug Rehab

Most people who end up in court facing a drug conviction end up doing time, but more and more courts are offering another option.

34 Graduate from M.G.C.C.C.’s 2014 Gulf Coast Youth Leadership Program

The 2014 Gulf Coast Youth Leadership graduation ceremony was held at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s (M.G.C.C.C.) Hospitality and Resort Management Center on December 11th.

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