Ryan’s “Snow in South MS” Friday Forecast

There are now two ways about it, snow definitely came to South Mississippi in force today. Today’s winter weather overachieved in a big way as several factors came together to allow some areas nearby to see as much as 7″ of snowfall, and the Southern counties saw more than expected! Now that all the excitement is winding down, we’ll begin seeing clearing/drying as we head through the rest of the night and even colder temperatures are ahead. All 3 Southern counties and Pearl River county are already under a Hard Freeze Warning, which means temperatures will remain below freezing for a long enough time to damage or kill seasonal vegetation. Bursting water pipes will also be a concern, so care should be taken now to wrap outdoor pipes or drip indoor faucets to prevent freezing. Outdoor pets should be brought inside, or at the very least given ample food, water, and extra bedding…I highly recommend just bringing them in for the next night or two though to be safe. Lastly, some residents in rural areas may not have central heat, so be sure to check on any neighbors who may fit this criteria, especially if they are elderly. Temperatures will begin to climb back into the mid and upper 50s and even the lower 60s soon, but we’ll a reinforcing front arrives by the middle of next week to bring more cooler weather. Otherwise each day will be sunny, clear, dry, and cool.

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