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City of Gulfport reacts to parade controversy

The Gulfport City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting today. Among the items on the agenda, discussion began over the controversial doll thrown from one...

Moss Point Board Meeting controversy

As the Moss Point Board of Aldermen enters its regularly scheduled meeting, Mayor Mario King is pushing for the portion of his salary that...

New Gulfport aquarium stirring controversy

A petition has surfaced to put a stop to the $65 million aquarium project that will open in Gulfport in 2019 that will offer...

Mississippi Will Continue to Use the Confederate Flag

At the Beauvoir in Biloxi, a Confederate Flag waves high along Beach Boulevard. Could Confederate Flags like this one and others around the state soon be forced to be taken down?

Long Beach Canal Expansion Project Brings Controversy

Long Beach residents met Wednesday night to discuss a drainage project that has been in the works for 15 years and has drawn controversy from residents who live along the project site.