Mississippi Will Continue to Use the Confederate Flag

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is asking for the Confederate Flag to be removed from State House grounds. This comes after the racially charged shooting in Charleston last week.
But at the Beauvoir in Biloxi, a Confederate Flag waves high along Beach Boulevard. Could Confederate Flags like this one and others around the state soon be forced to be taken down?
Executive Director of the Beauvoir, Greg Stewart, says the Confederate Flag will continue to fly high in Mississippi, regardless of South Carolina’s decision on removing theirs.
“It seems to me, to be trivializing the loss of nine lives by the cowardly act of an insane young man. It has nothing to do with the battle flag,” said Stewart.
Over ten years ago, the city of Biloxi had a similar debate on whether or not to keep the Confederate Flag flying with the eight banners on the Gulf Coast beach. Residents voted for the flag to remain among the seven others

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