Moss Point Board Meeting controversy

As the Moss Point Board of Aldermen enters its regularly scheduled meeting, Mayor Mario King is pushing for the portion of his salary that was removed last year.

On the agenda tonight are the vetoes that surround reinstating the 15 percent of Mayor Mario King’s salary that was removed last year.

The board will have the opportunity to override the vetoes. If they choose to do so, the board and mayor will reenter the litigation process.

Mayor King says he is optimistic about the meeting and expects a positive outcome. Mayor King said, “I’m looking forward to tonight and maybe tonight is a different movement. I heard some of the alderman were saying they wanted to work with the city now and the day to day administration. If that’s true we’ll see how it actually materializes during the board meeting.”

This comes after the January 7th meeting where the board voted three to two to reinstate the mayor’s pay. However, all board members weren’t represented during that meeting.

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