Coast Celebrates 51st Anniversary of Freedom Summer

On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we remember the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi and how Dr. King’s words are still relevant today.

This year, Mississippi will celebrate the 51st anniversary of the Freedom Summer and remember how protests on the Coast helped promote equality for all. Many years ago, a wall racially divided the Gaston Point community between blacks and white. The "whites only" signs have been taken down, but many who live there remember the time when it stood as a symbol of intolerance. Though textbooks say the Civil Rights Movement has ended, those advocating for the black community say the movement has only changed over time. Many believe the next step in furthering equality lies in education and economic development.

Gordon Jackson of the Biloxi N.A.A.C.P. says, “And when you see a lack of education and then also a lack of economic development in a community, that’s where you see a young person, a young boy, a young man, a young woman who has aspirations feel that the only options that they have are negative courses of action.”

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