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Blue Crew Volleyball Game

The Gulfport Police Department kicks off its summer youth initiative program today with a beach volleyball game. The community was invited out to show off...

Blue Crew flag football

A few Gulfport police officers hung up their holsters in exchange for some flags in a friendly game of flag football with students from...

Climb CDC students challenge Gulfport PD

The Gulfport Police Department continues to build stronger relationships with the community, especially the youth. Officers threw on a different type of uniform this evening...

Blue Crew and CDC basketball game

Gulfport Police Department’s effort to build stronger relationships within the community continues tonight for the third Blue Crew basketball game. This time each officer is...

Blue Crew and CDC Basketball Game

Shooting hoops and building bonds, the Gulfport Police Blue Crew teams up with students at Climb CDC to host another community basketball game. News...

Second ‘Blue Crew’ Basketball Game: Live

News 25's Laurene Callander interviews Sgt. Josh Bromen about the second Blue Crew basketball game happening at Gulfport High tonight.

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