Blue Crew flag football

A few Gulfport police officers hung up their holsters in exchange for some flags in a friendly game of flag football with students from Gulfport High School.
The Blue Crew took on Solution last night. Each team intermingled with students and officers. This was the police departments way of bringing back the Blue Crew and getting involved with the youth of the community. It was also an opportunity to meet officers from the department.
Officials with Gulfport tell News 25 this is an effort to be positive role models for the high school kids. Hakeem Oduniyi with Gulfport Police Department said, “And by us doing this, they see us in a positive light, it lets officers know and kids know that were all, every officer isn’t a bad officer, we do have a sense of humor, we can get out here and play a competitive game of flag football and everybody be happy and merry at the end.”
Gulfport High student Jaquan Foster said, “We won’t take a knee for the people that help us in our community so, that’s what we out here for everybody, so the people in our community can know that we are together as one.”
After an hour long game of flag football, the Blue Crew came out on top, beating Solution 25-7.

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