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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Tags Biloxi Boardwalk

Tag: Biloxi Boardwalk

Construction on Biloxi Boardwalk delayed due to nesting Least Terns

Construction on a nearly $900,000 project in Biloxi comes to a halt. Least tern birds are nesting right where construction is taking place for the...

Biloxi Beach Boardwalk to double in size

In just a few weeks, expansions onto the West Beach Boardwalk in Biloxi will be underway. This expansion will double the boardwalk in size going...

Biloxi Boardwalk construction update

Construction for the long awaited boardwalk in West Biloxi has been underway for six months now. Since ground was broken on the project in January,...

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08/05 – Rob Knight’s “Mostly Sunny” Wednesday Morning Forecast

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