Biloxi Beach Boardwalk to double in size

In just a few weeks, expansions onto the West Beach Boardwalk in Biloxi will be underway.

This expansion will double the boardwalk in size going west toward Treasure Bay Casino. It will be a walkway about 2,500 feet long mixed with elevated and ground level concrete.

The addition will be very similar to the already existing boardwalk in that it will also include history kiosks and benches. They expect construction to only take a few months. Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “We live on a peninsula here in Biloxi, one of the strongest things we can do is take full advantage of the assets we have with the waterfront. Our goal here is to give people access to the waterfront whether you are visitors or locals. This boardwalk in West Biloxi, it’s been hugely successful so far so we are going to double that success.”

There is also a boardwalk on Back Bay in the works.

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