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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Local church offers ‘Ashes to Go’

The Wednesday after Mardi Gras is known as Ash Wednesday or the first day of Lent. Ash Wednesday is a Christian Holy Day of...

02/26 – Brantly’s “Cooler” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Clouds are sticking around a little bit longer than initially predicted, but are slowly filtering out of the area. By this evening, we should...

02/26 – Rob Knight’s “Windy” Wednesday Morning Forecast

A cold front is currently moving east of the area this morning. Temperatures will either stabilize or move a few degrees lower through the day...

Ash Wednesday: Ashes-to-go

With Fat Tuesday coming to an end, a rebirth of sorts will take place tomorrow. Ash Wednesday is celebrated around the world as the official...

Coast restaurants prepare for Lent

Today marks the start of the Lenten season and local restaurants are gearing up for business. With most people not choosing to eat meat...

What is used to make ashes for Ash Wednesday?

You might be wondering where the ashes come from that are used on Ash Wednesday. It might surprise you, but the process actually starts the...

Ashes to Go for Ash Wednesday

Convenience is key and that is just what this modern twist on Ash Wednesday is all about. Clergymen and women braved the cold this...

3/6 – Rob Knight’s Ash Wednesday “Morning” Forecast

With an area of high-pressure closer to the area, a north wind continues to bring frigid temperatures to start off the day...

02/14 Ryan’s “Valentine’s Ash” Wednesday Night Forecast

I hope everyone made the most of their gloomy Valentine's day, and unfortunately these warm & humid conditions aren't in a hurry to leave. Click here for the full forecast.

Ashes to Go

Today is the first day of Lent and members of some Christian denominations throughout the world are pouring into church for the traditional means...

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01/15 Ryan’s “Much Colder” Friday Night Forecast

Last night's barely noticeable front didn't do much for the day, but much colder air is moving in for the weekend.

Fatal shooting outside of Harrison County Courthouse in Biloxi

The Harrison County Courthouse in Biloxi was on lockdown this afternoon following a fatal shooting outside of the building. News 25 has confirmed with Harrison...

Mega Millions winning numbers for January 15th, 2021

Here are the winning numbers for tonight's Mega Millions draw. All numbers are unofficial until certified by the Mississippi Lottery Corporation.

St. Martin Softball: Celeste Study signs with East Mississippi CC

One local high school softball standout is taking her talents to the next level. This afternoon, St. Martin’s Celeste Study signed a national letter of...