‘Ashes to Go’ event canceled this year due to COVID-19

With Fat Tuesday coming to an end, the official start of Lent begins tomorrow on a day known as Ash Wednesday.

Every year for the past six years, four or five pastors from different churches gather in Long Beach to do ‘Ashes to Go’ for those who have to work and might not have time to go to church.

Normally people are able to drive up in their cars in the morning and get their ashes without leaving their cars before going about their day.

This year, due to COVID-19, the local pastors have decided to cancel the event. Grace Lutheran Church Pastor Dave Parr said, “Well of course we took into consideration the number of cases, especially here in South Mississippi regarding the COVID virus. And we felt like that in order to honor our folk that would come by and to be safe we felt like we needed to go ahead and cancel it this year, but hopefully next year! We’re looking forward to next year.”

Grace Lutheran Church will hold a virtual Ash Wednesday service via Zoom. Members of the congregation are able to pick up packets of ashes at the church to use while participating in the online service.

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