Suspects Arrested in Vancleave Break Ins Thanks to Residents

Four arrests were made in connection with the recent increase of home invasions in Vancleave. One suspect is still at large, but Jackson County Sheriff, Mike Ezell, says the real hero is the community, who stepped up with the information law enforcement needed to solve the case.

Vancleave residents will be sleeping a little easier now, knowing four people are behind bars and are facing criminal charges after a string of burglaries in the area. One resident of Humphrey Road says, "We don’t have to worry about getting your doors kicked in and I think the Sheriff’s Department has done a wonderful job.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department credits teamwork for the arrests. Captain Curtis Spiers, Chief Investigator for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, says, "Citizens who actually came forth and gave us some good descriptors that lead us to a name from a vehicle description. That led us to a cooperation with the D’Iberville Police Department, who actually stopped the suspect and the ball built from there."

Calls from citizens, as well as Facebook tips, led to the arrests of four suspects: George Clark, Joseph Jordan, Ricky Treloar, and Tammy Ohalloran. One suspect, Kelly Dick, is still at large and is wanted for questioning.

After Tuesday’s home invasion on quiet Humphrey Road in Vancleave, residents have been double checking their doors and loading their guns, but after Wednesday’s story on News 25, tips from Facebook and residents gave law enforcement the information they needed to crack the case. Mike Ezell, Jackson County Sheriff, says, "It was a group effort, community, police, Sheriff’s Department, news media, Facebook, it just really worked. It all came together, good teamwork there."

Much of the stolen property has been recovered and is being entered as evidence. The Sheriff’s Department hopes to reunite homeowners with their possessions very soon. Capt. Spiers also says, "It’s just a gut wrenching feeling to come home and realize someone has taken our personal property. It really affects people."

With Jackson County’s Neighborhood Watch program starting up, vigilant citizens are more important than ever.

The Vancleave resident closes, "We’ll just have to watch out for each other and try to keep this from happening again."

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