Superheroes rappel down Memorial Hospital building to boost morale

Superheroes sprang into action today at Memorial as they scaled down the side of the hospital.

For the second year in a row, employees for Wallace Window Cleaning Services dressed as iconic superheroes and made a brave journey down the side of the main hospital.

The four heroes were Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and Mr. Incredible. The heroes were able to pass by the pediatric floor to give the children a fun surprise.

This stunt is performed to help boost the team and patient’s morale and to remind them that they are heroes themselves. ICU Manager Whitney Sutton said, “Healthcare workers are working really hard right now, whether you’re a nurse, a tech, a respiratory therapist, EVS or whatever you work at this point in the hospital. You’re doing all you can to make sure the patients have what they need and that they’re well taken care of, and so they’re absolutely no matter what function you work here absolutely a hero.”

Sutton says she hopes the event will continue to be a yearly one for the staff and the patients to raise morale.

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