Super Bowl prop bets at the Scarlet Pearl

Are you ready for the 49ers to take on the Chiefs in the Super Bowl? Those at the Draft Kings Sportsbook at the Scarlet Pearl Casino are ready for you to place your bets!

As soon as it was determined who was going to be in the Super Bowl, they were getting calls on proposition bets. The Scarlet Pearl says they have over 100 prop bets available now with more possible leading up to the big game.

They range from who will score first to the longest yards on a touchdown. Also, something different this year is that you can bet on the coin toss.

The Scarlet Pearl says their numbers are already higher than last year due to the popularity of prop bets.  Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook Supervisor Nikki McGowan said, “Props bets are popular because they are not offered throughout all the other games of the season. You know it’s a unique opportunity to bet on different outcomes rather than just the final outcome of the game. It’s a great way to hedge your bets. Say you’re not losing in the first quarter, you have a chance at the second half.”

Even if you don’t place a bet, you can always catch Super Bowl 54 on FOX 25 on Sunday, February 2nd.

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