Super Bowl ads: hits and misses

The Super Bowl is behind us now, but people are still talking about last night’s ads. News 25’s Toni Miles checked in with two local ad agencies to get their take on this year’s Super Bowl commercials.
Super Bowl 52 is behind us and the Eagles have flown off with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but which Super Bowl ads were hot and not this year? The rap battle between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman was a top pick.
Ad agency workers at the Focus Group in Gulfport were also big fans of the NFL commercial also featuring a Mississippi native, Eli Manning, who showed no one puts Beckham in a corner. Thomas Broadus with the Focus Group said, “It’s hilarious, especially when the big old linemen get out there dancing, but we definitely had some opinions in the room that got bothered. It was hot and sweaty, I guess you could say.”
Laura Hasty owns the Ad Group in Biloxi. The NFL commercial was one of her top picks too. “I thought that was a funny spot and I think the NFL needed to do something light based on the climate of the NFL right now.”
While some Super Bowl ads were big hits, others, like the Diet Coke commercial fell flat. “But we felt it was more awkward than positive. If you miss, you miss big,” said Broadus.
Many felt the Dodge Ram commercial sent a mixed message and this ad drew a mixed response, but when it comes to commercials, never underestimate the power of generating a buzz.

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