Sun bleached street signs to be replaced in Long Beach

Faded street signs will soon be a thing of the past in the City of Long Beach.

The City of Long Beach reports new street signs have officially arrived and will soon replace the sun bleached signs currently spotted around the city. Public works crews will start replacing the signs this week and are expected to have the job completed by next week.

The City of Long Beach wants to advise its residents to slow down and take caution while driving in the intersections being worked on by the public works crews.

News 25 spoke to Jenny Levens with the City of Long Beach who tells us this project will be completed in two phases. “We’ve been working on new street signs for about six months we have about 60 of them that the public works crews will be installing this week. It’s mainly the main roads right now and another 60 will be ordered after that that will be the smaller roads or not the main thoroughfares.”

Levens tells News 25 the city does not control the signs on Highway 90, but they are actively working with MDOT to ensure that those are replaced as well.

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