Summer pet safety tips

We all love spending the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our furry friends, but just like we protect ourselves from the sun’s UV rays, our pets need protection too.

To stop your pet from feeling the burn this summer, there are a few tips to help. Whether they are indoors or outside, you want to make sure your animals have plenty of fresh, clean water.

Never leave them outside confined by a leash without shade and test the asphalt before taking your pet for a walk.

Jackson County Animal Shelter Director Joseph Barlow says since they work with animals all the time the most important tip he can give is knowing the signs of overheating in pets. “When it gets above 85 or 90, we start observing them and keeping them indoors or limiting their time outside so that they have an adequate time to cool down. Remember, dogs don’t sweat like we do. They pant. You want to observe panting and make sure you find shade, good air circulation.”

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