Study to determine a sportsplex in the City of Pass Christian

Pass Christian aldermen are in the process of determining whether the city can build a sportsplex in the city.

A study will determine on what the city can build, funding for the building, and the biggest question: can it be done?

Ward 3 Alderman Kirk Kimball said a 47-acre parcel of land on Menge Avenue would be a perfect location and the economic impact of a sportsplex in the city could be in the millions annually.

The city is planning a study to determine whether or not the city can build it, once the mayor has signed off on it. Kimball said, “Our youth are constantly going to cities other than our own. This is very popular around town and every other city has one and we need one. This is the future of our city, future of our survival.”

The study will take eight to ten months.

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