Students compete in ship building in Jackson County

Today Ingalls hosted over 100 middle school students for a ship building competition to really get them involved in the STEM program. Four middle schools built their own ship for engineering week.
Racing boats down the water tank is how these Jackson County middle school students celebrated Engineering Week. This is part of the STEM program that helps introduce young students to engineering and Ingalls. Manager 2 Planning for Ingalls April Martin said, “They had to build the little mock ship and they had to be able to carry and if they won, they would be the winner of carrying cargo from Ingalls to Newport News, our sister shipyard.”
Derion Anderson is an eighth grade student at Magnolia Middle School. He says they had to design and sketch the boats then run it for tests. “It was tough and fun. I like the pain. It was frustrating, too. To get the nose to curve up, that was actually kind of hard.”
Each boat goes through three different tests: floating, how much weight it can hold, and maximum speed. These students were able to get the hang of it pretty quickly and build a boat that passes all three tests. Sixth grader Autumn Johnson said, “We tested it and we did really good with the boat racing and we got first in the write up.”
After the test run, the students gave an overall presentation on their ship building experiment.

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