Student career expo at Three River Elementary

Today at Three Rivers Elementary School, students had an eye opening look into the real world.
The school’s career expo brought in professionals from several career fields to teach students about their jobs and answer any related questions.
From first responders and teachers to championship dog groomers, all types of opportunities were on display. Social Worker Nicole Miller said, “We’re trying to show them that there are countless possibilities. Some of the careers that are here today require college degrees, high college degrees, and some of them do not. We want to show them that they have tons of options and that’s helpful for students that may be struggling right now. It gives them a light to look forward to. We also actually asked some of the students what they are interested in and we made sure to get those careers here. That was pretty neat to get to see the kids get to speak to people who are doing what they are dreaming of doing themselves.”
Students also heard from college instructors, motivational speakers, real estate agents, the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, and more.

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