Student Battling Cancer Returns to D’Iberville Middle School

After battling cancer for nearly a year, a familiar face is welcomed back at D’Iberville Middle School.
Eighth grader Matthew Anderson left school when he was diagnosed with lymphoma eleven months ago. This morning, classmates and teachers greeted Matthew with warm welcomes, special announcements, and custom made bracelets with his name on them to show the school’s support.
Matthew had his fill of attention throughout the day so he volunteered his best friend since fourth grade, Kenneth Irving, to share how it feels to have Matthew back. “It feels great that I can see him and talk to him every day. I was kind of scared like something bad was going to happen and I kept praying that nothing would happen. I talked to him every day on text message and everybody was just there for him. When you have friends that are there for you, you can keep fighting and everything’s going to be fine and you’re going to be okay.”
Matthew’s mother tells News 25 his tumors are shrinking, but Matthew’s battle against cancer isn’t over, but it was clear today at D’Iberville Middle School that Matthew won’t be fighting alone.

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