Student Athletes of the Week: Gulfport basketball’s Kylan and Jylan Howze

Today is a special Wednesday because it is the first time we’ve named two people the Co-WXXV Student Athletes of the Week! Twins Kylan and Jylan Howze are seniors on the Gulfport boys basketball team!

“Yeah, this is my little brother.” “Nah.” Technically, he’s telling the truth, but failed to include that he’s only older by 20 minutes.

Identical twins Kylan and Jylan Howze are members of the Gulfport High School boys basketball team. Kylan being center and Jylan playing power forward and small forward, but there is nothing small about this pair.

The Howze twins have been playing basketball since a young age, but they had to catch up with their 6’9” and 6’8” bodies first. “Since elementary, but we weren’t that good in elementary. My body wasn’t coordinated yet. About ninth grade is when my body caught up with my height.”

Gulfport Head Basketball Coach Owen Miller said he’s gotten to witness their growth both mentally and physically first hand, starting with their ninth-grade season. “When they got here, they were tall and skinny, and it was hard for them. They were still growing into their bodies and to see them develop as basketball players and most importantly young men, has been fun to be a part of.”

And the fun doesn’t stop on the court because many fans think they’re seeing double or their own classmates mistake one for the other. Kylan explained that people can tell them apart by looking at their facial features or the placements of their tattoos, but if you see them on the court, you can decipher the two by their three-point celebration.

Their opponents aren’t at a complete disadvantage just because they were wombmates, the twins explained that twin telepathy isn’t a real thing. Kylan said, “No, we do say the same things sometimes, I can’t lie, but I don’t know about twin telepathy.” Jylan said, “I don’t know what’s going on in his brain.” Kylan said, “Me either.”

But one thing is for certain and it is that they have both put in the work to get to where they are now. Kylan said, “Just a lot of hard work out at practice. You can’t be good if you just come to practice every day. You gotta do it outside of school and just work on your game to get better.”

With this being their senior season, they have individual goals that they believe will help Gulfport reach the top. Jylan said, “Just being a better person on and off the court. Just working hard and having a good work ethic.”

Kylan said, “And basically for us as a team, our team chemistry is what has brought us to be 8-2 right now. We’ve got the players, we’ve gotta have team chemistry first.”

They plan on growing that chemistry throughout the rest of the year, but the Howze brothers don’t want this to be the end of their basketball careers. They both currently have offers to play at the junior college level.

Although they haven’t committed anywhere yet, the twins wish to go to the same school and then both pursue a career in physical therapy.

Coach Miller said that he knows for a fact that their future will be bright. “They’re funny kids you know, they’re fun to be around. Always have a smile on their faces. They’re involved with campus life and they’ve got a bright future.”

The Gulfport Admirals will face the D’Iberville Warriors on Saturday at the Renee Ladner Shootout.

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