Student Athlete of the Week: Ocean Springs Softball’s Kennedy Jones

Accomplished scholar and student of the game, Ocean Springs softball’s Kennedy Jones is the epitome of a student athlete.

This ambitious junior has as high of expectations for herself on the softball diamond as she does in the classroom.

Life is a balancing act for Ocean Springs junior Kennedy Jones. Between her IB courses, softball practice, games, track meets, and the typical high school junior activities such as studying for and taking the ACT, Jones leads a busy life and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I just like to see how many things I can fit into my– fit on my plate before I can’t do them anymore. That’s what my mom says. But it’s been fun. It’s a challenge. A different type of challenge.”

Even with her hectic schedule, Jones continues to excel on the softball diamond, having recently been selected to the USA Softball Louisiana and Mississippi Regional team with the chance to earn a spot on the national team. Ocean Springs Head Softball Coach Lindsay O’Brien said, “She’s such a scholar of the game. She knows the play after the play. She’s so smart about everything.”

The catcher’s success on and off the field doesn’t come without sacrifice and hard work. After the Lady Greyhounds shutout at George County Tuesday evening in which Jones had a standing double, she stayed up until 1 a.m. finishing an essay. “She knows what her dream is. She knows what she wants to do and she puts in the extra effort. And it’s an everyday thing. It’s not a couple months here, a couple months there. I mean it’s every day, all year long for her.”

Jones isn’t just a stand out player on the field, she’s also a standout student in the classroom. While she hopes to continue her softball career in college, she also plans on majoring in engineering and eventually going to medical school. “I think being a good person matters more than winning in college. Like, I’m there to get my education and play softball. In that order.”

While Jones is currently uncommitted, she has her eyes set on the Ivy League. Until then, the Lady Greyhound is focusing on learning how to grant herself some grace. “I have high expectations for myself and I don’t want to let my teammates down. Because it’s really all about the team.”

Anyone who knows Jones has no doubt her hard work will pay off. One day, O’Brien expects to be watching Jones trotting around the bases on ESPN.

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