Student Athlete of the Week: St. Patrick’s Bella Jordan

This week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week, St. Patrick’s Bella Jordan, truly does it all: soccer, track, cheerleading, you name it!

She’s a freshman striker on the St. Patrick’s girls soccer team as well as a state champion on the track. She’s currently one of the soccer team’s leading scorers with 14 goals this season.

She’s had a soccer ball at her feet since she was five and that has paid off for the St. Patrick striker Bella Jordan and she’s only a freshman.

Bella was called up to join the St. Patrick varsity soccer team when she was just a seventh grader. She was a little hesitant at first, but trusted her coach and she went on to fulfilling that role beautifully. “I obviously was scared and didn’t really get it, but I thought it would be a good learning experience and I have experience from then to get me into the position I am now, but starting at such a young age and being a striker and scoring goals has given me so much confidence. It proves that if I work hard, I can get to where I am now and keep accomplishing different things.”

Accomplishing many goals, that same year Bella helped lead the Fighting Irish to their longest postseason run, making it all the way to the state championship match for the first time in program history.

Bella says her favorite part of playing the sport is the memories she gets to make with her teammates. “It’s so great. When I turn around, everyone’s just running up to you and hugging you and telling you good job, and it just makes you feel so good. Just celebrating with your teammates and friends is probably one of the best things about soccer.”

Bella spends a whole lot of time on the St. Patrick soccer field, but she spends double the amount of time on the St. Patrick track. Jordan is a tri-sport athlete, being a cheerleader for the football team as well as a member of the St. Patrick track team. “I started track here to get faster with soccer and conditioning, and the coaches just surprised me and put me in all these races and I guess I did well with it.”

She did extremely well with it and last year Bella was ranked by Mile-Spilt as the fastest eighth grader in the state, competing in the 400-meter run and was voted MVP of her St. Patrick track team.

Also on the varsity team as a seventh grader, she earned gold medals in the 4 by 200, 4 by 400, and 4 by 800.

Bella knows how to stay busy, but she has also made it a priority to stay organized. Overall, she says that her parents are the reason she stays motivated and they are the reason she gives everything her all. “Definitely my parents. They really push me to show my best and always put my best effort into things, but also the coaches are very supportive and if I have to leave this practice early to go to that they understand.”

Bella has an extremely bright future ahead of her no matter which sport she chooses, but her dream is to play soccer at the next level. “I honestly do want to play in the college level and if it’s junior college or D1, any of it is open for me.”

Head Soccer Coach Cassandra Terry believes Jordan can do anything she sets her mind to. “For the level of play that she’s already at, the sky is the limit and then some for her and I know the future is quite bright for this young lady, and I’m excited to see what she’ll do with it.”

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