Student Athlete of the Week: Ocean Springs Volleyball’s Maddy Corrall

Back again for another edition of Student Athlete of the Week featuring another spotlight-worthy volleyball player from here on the Coast this time hailing from Ocean Springs.

During the pandemic, Greyhound volleyball was sent a gift from the state of Washington: outside hitter Maddy Corrall.

To many, a cross country move in the middle of a nation-wide quarantine and starting a new high school as a junior would be intimidating.

“I was so blessed to become part of this team. I just feel like it was meant to be for me to come here. Because at first, I was so nervous about it, but then I came here and it was almost like everything just happened for a reason and I was put here for a reason.”

For her final two years of high school, outside hitter Maddy Corrall proudly repped the blue and grey on the court and on the beaches of Ocean Springs.

From lakeside volleyball courts in Washington to the Gulf side courts of Mississippi, Corral credits the move for her development as a volleyball player on the hardwood and in the sand. “When I came here the coaches here also and the people around here, they really helped me become the player and progress more too because it’s just been a good little role.”

Corrall’s role on the Greyhounds sixth and seventh straight district championship teams was hardly little. The 17-year-old finished 11th in the state in class 6A in kill percentage and kills per set.

After playing her entire junior season of indoor volleyball on a torn meniscus, Corrall finally had surgery in March, giving her only 5 months to get back on the court for her last season as a Greyhound. To expedite her rehab, she turned to the beach. “When I got out of surgery, I started thinking about ways I could get back on the court as soon as possible. So, the only way really to do that was beach at the time because they wouldn’t let me play indoors.”

Corral said the sand helped soften her landing after going up for a kill, training every day, twice a day sometimes over the summer. “Having an injury is definitely really hard in any sport really because it’s just different on your body. You don’t realize how different it can affect your body.”

With her high school career in the rearview mirror, Corrall is focusing on her volleyball recruitment. “I plan to play in college because I love playing volleyball and I want to continue to play through– even through all the schooling, as much as I can, as long as I can.”

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