WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Ocean Springs High’s Rhys St. Amant

As is the case with a lot of our News 25’s Student Athletes of the Week, this week’s selection plays not just one, but two sports.

Ocean Springs senior Rhys St. Amant plays basketball, but her true love is volleyball and she’s one of the biggest reasons behind her team’s eighth straight district title.

Double the sports means double the time spent on the Ocean Springs gym floor, but for dual-sport senior standout Rhys St. Amant, it all starts when the bell rings. “You don’t have much time to do school work, you just have to put that extra effort in to do both if you to do well in school, if I want to play volleyball, I’ve gotta succeed in school, so you just gotta put in that extra effort that most people don’t have to.”

When it comes to volleyball, St. Amant is a senior outside hitter who plays in all six rotations, making her an invaluable part of the Lady Greyhounds’ success. Coach Christina Daigle said, “This is my second year in the program, and from the very minute I met Rhys, I knew that she really embodied what I envisioned this program to have from a culture perspective. She’s ultracompetitive, she’s very athletic, she works extremely hard, but she’s just a really solid emotional leader for our team.”

St. Amant obviously means a lot to the volleyball program, but the program also has a major impact on her, allowing her to see her own potential and exactly who she is meant to be. “I’m so thankful for volleyball, I mean I didn’t have many friends, so when you come into a sport with all these girls it just helps you build your personality, I was quiet, now I’m a leader on the court. It’s made me be a bigger and better person, and it helps me strive to be better at everything, and has shaped me into the person I am.”

The Greyhounds graduated 11 seniors last year and a lot of freshmen filled those spots this year, meaning it was up to St. Amant and the rest of the class of 2023 to step into a much bigger role, on and off the court. “You know, with a young team, you’re gonna have ups and downs, so it takes just like consistent tough love sometimes and I definitely push that on them, but it really helps to have that presence on the court. And again, she just shows up with that leadership and yeah, the girls really look up to her and not only does she lead emotionally, but she performs physically so it’s just like a complete package deal.”

“I feel like there is that pressure, but it’s also like a good thing. I feel like it’s great for me to be able to push them and be better you know.”

That kind of top-notch leadership doesn’t go to waste for Ocean Springs with St. Amant serving as one of two team captains. “I think it was well deserved. Its team voted so the girls really entrust in her as well as our other captain to lead them, and like I said, she shows up every single game with that leadership, and it really makes a difference in our play and the outcome of our games.”

St. Amant closing out her Greyhounds career with yet another trip to the playoffs and yet another Region 7 Class 6A championship with a perfect 6-0 mark and 24-8 overall, but this certainly won’t be the last time she plays the game she loves the most. “Right now, I’m looking at a few different schools, talking to a few different people, I just hope to find the best program for me, and what fits me, and continue playing.”

St. Amant and the Lady Greyhounds still rolling right along, defeating Biloxi at home tonight in four sets.


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